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Private Tuition

If you would prefer to attend one of our courses or workshops on a one to one basis with our tutors rather than attend a scheduled course in a group then we can arrange private tuition for you. Private tuition is also a good option for students who are unable to attend our scheduled course dates due to conflicting work schedules or personal commitments. The cost of private tuition is £50 per day in addition to the basis course costs and VTCT Registration, Assessment and Certification fees where applicable.

For students students looking to re-train because they feel that the training they have received from another college or training centre is inadequate and are unsure if they need a few hours of extra tuition or if they should retake the course or workshop, we can provide advice and guidance based on their individual needs. We may be able to offer a reduced rate for students wishing to retake a course that they have already qualified in at another college or training centre. Please contact us for further details.

If you are a qualified therapist in one of the subjects that we teach but feel that your skills need refreshing and updating due to a lack of practise, we may also be able to help you. A few hours of tuition by one of our experienced tutors can give you the confidence you need to start practising again. In this case we can arrange a Refresher Workshop to accommodate your individual needs.

If you would like further information please send an email to enquiries@thefullspectrumcentre.co.uk.

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