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Kundalini Reiki e-Learning Course

By opening and strengthening the energy centres and channels of the body, it is possible to channel Reiki energy to yourself and others simply by intention. It is also possible to accelerate spiritual development drastically by awakening and activating the Kundalini.

Kundalini Reiki is a particular branch of Reiki where you are not only connected to the Universal Life Energy, but your own personal energy, your Kundalini.

The Kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of the spine, the root or base chakra until it is awakened and can flow through the energy systems of the body.

Kundalini awakening can be a dangerous experience if not done correctly, which is why these attunements are being offered so that you can safely awaken the Kundalini life force within you.

Kundalini Reiki attunements only give you the amount of energy that is needed for your body, and this is the key to the safe awakening and activation of your Kundalini. If not done in a safe way, it can cause physical and energetic problems in the body.

Kundalini Reiki as a healing system utilises the channel created by the Kundalini energy to harness the power of Reiki at a very high strength. Using Kundalini Reiki enables treatment times to be much shorter in length yet as effective as the treatments received during a standard Usui Shiki Reiki treatment.

If people have previously had problems with a Kundalini Awakening, a Kundalini Reiki treatment can often help. When you have your Kundalini awakened through Kundalini Reiki your Chakras are opened from the base to the Crown so Kundalini energy is released through the Crown chakra and there can be no build up of energy.

There are 3 levels, 6 Kundalini Reiki Boosters and attunements to Balance, Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki and Past Life Reiki. There must be a minimum gap of 5 days between each attunement.

Kundalini Reiki Level 1: This first attunement opens the healing channels to allow channeling of Reiki energy. At the same time you are prepared for the Kundalini awakening which will occur during Kundalini Reiki Practitioner Level 2. The crown, heart and hand chakras are opened and strengthened. You will learn how to perform a complete in person treatment and a distance treatment. Kundalini Reiki Level 1 is the energetic equivalent of the Usui Shiki Reiki 1, 2 and 3 attunements.

The energy system before the Kundalini Reiki Level 1 Attunement.


Kundalini Reiki Level 2: All energy channels are strengthened. Kundalini Awakening occurs, the main energy channel opens gently and surely, alighting the Kundalini ‘fire’. Kundalini reaches the solar plexus chakra, preparing for the full Kundalini rising in Kundalini Reiki Level 3. You will learn a specific meditation that will enable you to increase in a short time, the power of the flame in the Kundalini fire or energy. All the chakras and energy schannles are enlightened and a cleansing takes place. Specific dynamic teachings, techniques and attunements integrate and strengthen the whole process during this.

The energy system after the Kundalini Reiki Level 2 Attunement.


Kundalini Reiki Level 3: The previous attunements are strengthened and the throat, solar plexus, Hara and Root Chakras are opened. The Kundalini “fire” is strengthened and reaches up and out of the crown chakra and a full rising of the Kundalini takes place. You will learn how to attune crystals and other objects so that they act as Reiki channels. You will also learn how to utilise Kundalini energy to balance a recipient’s chakras.

The energy system after the Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Attunement.




During Kundalini Reiki Level 3 you will also be attuned to:

Diamond Reiki: During the opening an etheric diamond will be placed in the crown chakra. It works so that all the Reiki energy that flows through this chakra takes on the diamond’s properties. This is a strong energy that enlightens and heals everything in its path as long as there are no underlying unresolved problems.

Crystalline Reiki: All over the body we have small deposits of certain crystals. These are exit points for the traumas we have experienced through life. Every time we put off or postpone dealing with a trauma, a crystal forms. A trauma can be anything from a broken arm, a sprain, sorrow, etc. If for example someone breaks their arm, a crystal forms to hold the memory of the pain and the feelings of that trauma. If there are no unresolved problems or feelings behind this trauma, the crystals can be dissolved and healed.

DNA Reiki: This strengthens the ability to heal DNA strands, our blue print. We can now go in and heal negative inherited genetics and diseases. You will see noticeable results after the first 3 weeks.

The Trauma of Birth: The most severe trauma is usually the process of being born. For the gentlest release from this trauma you have to use a specific type of energy whilst healing.

Location Reiki: Just as there are karmic bands or ties between people, there is also a band or tie between people, places, and even the Earth. These bands can weigh us down and sometimes have an influence on our physical health. The energy used here is a little different than that of Diamond Reiki, and gives optimal results.

Balance: After this opening, you can in 30 seconds, via a specific hand position balance all of the energy systems in the body.

Kundalini Reiki Booster Attunements: These 3 attunements act as strengthening attunements to strengthen the flow of your Kundalini energy.

You will also learn how to attune others using the Real Time Attunement Method and the Chi Ball Attunement Method.

Your chosen eCourse in the form of a workbook in PDF format will be delivered to you electronically via download link so that you can read it at your leisure, in the comfort of your home or office.

*Please note that this Kundalini Reiki e-learning Course is only available to students who are Usui Shiki or Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2 Practitioners or Level 3 Master Teachers.

Tutor: Joanne Tinsley

Included in the course:

  • 6 comprehensive pdf manual & handouts, including Kundalini Info,Chakras of the Kundalini System,Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Reiki Manual with Booster Info, Distant Attunement Methods and Kundalini Yoga
  • Post-training support by phone, instant messaging or email (if desired)
  • Digitally recorded Kundalini Meditation
  • Distant attunements
  • Copy of your lineage
  • The Full Spectrum Centre™ Kundalini Reiki Certificate of Achievement

What are the costs for UK students? £55

What are the costs for US students? $90

Full payment must be received to secure a place on all of our e-Learning courses.

Our next available e-Learning course will commence on: Friday 1st June 2012

*Other course dates are available subject to availability.

Places are limited to a maximum of 10 so early booking is advisable.

For UK students:

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