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The aim of aromatherapy is to rebalance the body, mind and spirit by applying special plant extracts, called essential oils and aromatic essences to the body. These powerful essences are chosen for their specific healing properties and their aroma.

This relaxing treatment combines the use of massage with the healing properties of essential oils.

The oils are especially selected and blended to cater to the individual needs of the client and are applied during the massage. The therapeutic qualities of the oils, combined with the beneficial actions of the massage can be used to help treat fatigue, anxiety, stress,tension, PMT, IBS, relieve muscular aches and pains, improve muscle tone, help improve skin conditions and help induce relaxation.

Aromatherapy also works on a more subtle level, affecting emotions and the spirit, which may help the client view their own feelings, ailments and lives more objectively, which in turn may assist them in bringing about positive life changes and help regain a sense of well-being.

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